At PAIGE, we’re not interested in just signing you up. Because while that may get us a recruit and you an assignment, it just sort of feels impersonal. Call us crazy, but we like a little more human-ness. Because getting to know you is the difference between being placed in a job and being placed in an oh-my-gosh-this-is-the-best-assignment-ever job. So forgive us if we tend to be a little more hug than handshake. More asking about you and less telling about us. We just think it leads to better things.

Or just say hi. We’re cool with that, too


We’ve spent the last 15 years on your next job.

For over 15 years, we’ve made connections right here in Kansas City. We’ve placed your peers. And we’ve built an easy rapport with clients and companies. (In other words, we know your next boss really well.) What we do every day lays the groundwork, so you can do what you love every day.


Some call it innovation. We call it conversation.

One of our fanciest recruiting tools? It’s not some new-fangled equipment. Not a software upgrade to version 27.0. It’s that nutty thing called talking. Personally asking you what you’re looking for. Not just on your next assignment. But on the one after that. And the one after that. And the one after…well, you get where we’re going with this. See, the thing about innovation is that it doesn’t have to mean you’re doing something new. Just something that no one else is doing. (As it turns out, a personal approach is pretty darn groundbreaking these days.)


If we could have John Cusack hold a boombox outside your window, we would.

When we commit to our recruits, we commit. So. Hard. We start with an onboarding process completely centered around you. Then, from your first placement throughout the lifetime of your career (yep, your whole career), we’re your partner—providing ongoing training and support so that you can be successful. No wonder our recruits’ Moms love us.


Welcome. It’s a great thing to hear. It’s also a pretty great thing to feel.

At PAIGE, we consider ourselves a community. Which means we look out for you and your best interests, and we know that success is better when it’s achieved together. Our recruiters are the best in the business and truly invest in you. Getting to know them makes for stronger relationships. Which means they can make better placements. Both of which can make a big difference… in your life. In your paychecks. And in your happiness, which you can’t deny is pretty important. (Oh, and we never forget a birthday. Just saying.)

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