Although PAIGE has been around since 2002, our story starts in 2011, when Chris Wood and Andrew Alldredge took the control of the company.

That’s when there started to be a shift in society—as communication made a swing toward social media, smart phones and the Internet. Chris and Andrew noticed that people were starting to place more value on purpose and personalities—not only of their peers, but of organizations. Individuals wanted to connect and engage on a more personal, intrinsic level in both their personal and career lives.

Business could no longer be as usual. 

Traditional methods of commodity staffing were deemed successes by the number of skill matches. But Chris and Andrew knew they needed to go beyond the match. They wanted to pair individuals with organizations based on ‘dimensional compatibility’—not only their skill, but their values, work habits and personality. As Chris so poetically put it, it wasn’t just about putting butts in seats. It was about putting the right butt in the right seat.

So Andrew and Chris went to work creating a unique, game-changing approach and process, called Intelligent Pairing. Today, this system is proven and indispensible. Not just for technology talent staffing, but for all industries that that need a road map for understanding and nurturing culture.

The Intelligent Pairing Process is backed by raw data insights, compatible profiling, industrial psychologist analysis AND it’s efficient and multi-dimensional (yeah, it’s an over-achiever.)

And not to sound dramatic or anything, but (cue movie trailer guy) the landscape for the staffing industry will never be the same.