Socks. Mittens. Earrings. Those ducks that mate for life.
They’re onto something.

This isn’t just getting you a job. It’s finding your other half. Your meant-to-be placement. Your soul-job. We have a proprietary process called Paige Technology Intelligence (PTi) that allows us to take into consideration not just your skills and needs, but also your beliefs and values. Your goals and purpose. What motivates you. Which then allows us to place you with a culturally compatible company. In other words, we find the salt to go with your pepper (the spices or the pop duo. Either example works.)


Some companies think on boarding is just orientation.
That’s cute.

At PAIGE, we don’t just have a half-day ‘get to know each other’ session. We help you get totally immersed and acclimated. And once you’re totally immersed and acclimated, we offer continual training, contact and support. We might just go ahead and rename it “ongoing-boarding.”


So, you want to work in Kansas City.
We knew you were smart.

Our company is local. We were raised here. We are raising our families here. And we want to make this city as great as it can be. That’s why we focus our efforts right here in Kansas City. Our mission is to attract the top local talent and place them with the top local companies. That way everyone wins. Because, be honest, winning is better.