Kansas City native Chris was born Royal. Raised Royal. And now he’s raising his three kids Royal. In fact, he’s so “Royal” we just might start referring to him as King Christopher around here.

The King says his favorite part of the job is helping people progress in their careers. And he does a mighty fine job of it. But when he’s not doing that, he’s out supporting our local sports teams or doing very un-royal things like shopping for Halloween costumes for his kids.

Around Paige, people say the thing they love most about working here is that it’s a family-first kind of company. We’re pretty sure it’s because Chris is a family-first kind of guy. (You saw that part about shopping for costumes, right?) So yeah. You could say we’re glad he’s steering this ship.

Andrew has been in the technology staffing business for 19 years. Which has given him a lot of time to decide that his favorite part of his job is providing dependable and honest service to customers. And maintaining long-lasting relationships with consultants. And also working with the internal Paige team. (Hey, we didn’t say he had to pick one favorite thing.) Andrew also has another full-time job, which is being a shuttle driver for his three kids. But when he has time off, you’ll likely find him at a K-State football game or traveling with his wife and family. Andrew would like to tell you that he is the best Ping Pong player in the office. And yes, you can consider that a challenge.
BILL GROFFSenior Recruiter
Bill is as direct and honest as they come. Which is the perfect recruiter combo when you’re a candidate looking to get placed with just the right fit. The part of his job that makes him the happiest? Bettering people’s lives by engineering the perfect job search. So he must be pretty dang happy, because he’s done A LOT of successful searches. But it’s not all work and no play. Bill’s also an avid cyclist. So if you happen to find yourself out on a trail, don’t be surprised to run into Bill there on his bike. Also, if you happen to be out and about around town, don’t be surprised to see Bill there on his bike. Apparently, avid cyclists like to bike everywhere.
Bonnie is what you might call an overachiever. What else do you expect from someone who says “going above and beyond” is her favorite part of the job? Her favorite things outside of work? Her big family (they all live less than an hour from each other), cooking (ask her how she feels about bagged salads), and wine (she’s getting married in a vineyard, and we are just a tiny bit jealous). Bonnie also might be the most organized person in the office, because she hates clutter. In fact, according to her, Gmail gives you a picture of someone on the beach with the word “done” when you get to zero emails. We are going to have to take her word for it on that one.
Hope you’re not afraid of heights. Because Daniel loves helping people advance up the corporate ladder, by helping candidates break down their goals and choose their next career stop. And if he places you, be prepared to keep in touch, because he loves celebrating his candidates’ success. The best job he’s ever had, though? Being a dad to four kids…coaching, chauffeuring, homework helping, the works. When he does have a few moments for himself, he’s golfing. Or falling asleep on the couch. Around the office, Daniel doesn’t sweat the small stuff. Which is why his desk is a self-proclaimed mess (Basically, he’s the complete opposite of Bonnie “I Hate Clutter” Montgomery). He also says that he is part of the best Ping Pong duo at Paige. We’re already lining up a face-off between him and Andrew Alldredge to see who’s telling the truth.
If you ask Chris’ Paige peers, they’d tell you that he’s a foodie. And also that his desk is super organized (which probably means you’ll never see him enjoying food AT his desk, because you know, the mess). If you ask Chris what he loves about working at Paige, he’ll tell you that he loves finding candidates awesome jobs. Then he’ll tell you that he likes the way everyone works well with each other and celebrates each other’s success. Cool fact: Chris is a former Air Force JAG and he worked on the military commissions for the 9/11 terrorists. Which is pretty much the most impressive claim to fame in the office. The one thing (make that two things) that turn this tough guy into a total softie? His two little girls. Say it with us. Awwwww.
ROB DePERALTADirector, Business Development
Robert was born in Kansas City, raised in Kansas City and is now raising his family in Kansas City. We’re glad he DID leave for a little while, to earn an MBA in Business Administration at Pepperdine University. Because that’s where he fine-tuned his awesome skills in account management, client service and working in fast, competitive environments. (By the way, Robert has five sons. Five. So he doesn’t just work in a fast, competitive environment. He lives in one.) When he does have a little spare time (you saw the part about the five sons, right?) He leads mission trips that provide support for disadvantaged children and families. He also makes sure to finish the “honey do” list on weekends. So yeah, you could say he’s an all-around good guy.
NOLAN AHLVERSSenior Account Executive
Nolan loves a lot of things about his job. Things like placing the right person with the right job. Providing the right candidates for clients. And proudly supporting Kansas City businesses. Which brings us to his love of all things Kansas. He played football at K-State. Got an MBA from Kansas Wesleyan. Married a fellow K-Stater. And he is a huge fan of the Chiefs and the Royals. How huge? Well, his Goldendoodle’s name is Kauffman, if that gives you any indication. When he’s not working, Nolan’s usually attending concerts and games with his wife, exercising, playing sports or entertaining friends at his home. Literally. He’s a seriously entertaining guy because he doesn’t believe in taking things too seriously. We like that.
Jenny Platten
Jenny PlattenSenior Recruiter
Jenny will tell you that her favorite thing about being a recruiter is spending her days getting to know people and finding out what makes them tick. (Such a little social butterfly, this one.) We will tell you that if we had to crown a multi-tasker of the office, Jenny would be the Queen. When she’s not working, she loves music. Snacking. Jayhawks basketball. Pitball puppies named Goose. And Kansas City in general (although don’t tell the friends she left in Colorado that). She also has a lot in common with a certain Mr. Squarepants, because she seems to be a sponge for all sorts of information.
Ashlee Rios
Ashlee RiosAccount Executive
Ashlee is a clean-food-eating, fashionable-clothes-wearing Account Executive. One who you may want to challenge to a game or contest of some sort because she’s a big fan of win-win situations. Especially when it comes time to pleasing candidates and clients. Those who know Ashlee know that she’s dynamic, she adapts quickly and she’s a firm believer in full transparency (the business kind, not the superhero-invisibility kind.) Ashlee works hard. But when she has some off time, she enjoys outdoor patios on nice days and reading articles. Reading an article ON an outdoor patio? Well, that’s off the charts good.